Digital Citizenship

What is digital citizenship?

Simply put, digital citizenship means being a good citizen online as well as in person. It is knowing how to use technology safely, respectfully, and responsibly. In my mind, it's pretty obvious why this is a big deal. It is more than just a subject to learn about; it's a life lesson to make the future for our kiddos brighter and safer.

What can you do?

There are a ton of resources available on the internet about digital citizenship. The first step you can take is learn how to be a good digital citizen so that you can be a good role model for our students. The next step is to incorporate it in to your classroom and curriculum so that you can help your students learn how to become a digital citizen.

How do you get started?

Common Sense Media makes it super easy to get started no matter what grade level you teach. They offer resources for students, parents and teachers covering four areas: ratings & reviews, education, advocacy, and investigation/research. For information on how you can get started, please visit my Common Sense Media page.

My Webinar on Common Sense Media

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