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I’m here to support you in the development of technology-enhanced lessons. I can also help find ways to simplify the work you are currently doing by using technology to its highest potential.

What can I help you with?


Two heads are better than one! Let me teach with you for a day! We can work together to make sure that problems are solved and students get the individual attention they need. I should probably be involved in your planning as well for this to be most effective. Google Expeditions would be included in this option.


Our students crave timeline and specific feedback. Teachers are no different. Invite me over and let me join your class! I can debrief with you afterwards and talk about what I saw. I am purely non-evaluative so I can offer stress-free coaching and mentoring.

Model Teaching

Don’t feel confident enough to teach a lesson that uses a lot of technology? I’ve got your back. Take a back seat for a class and I can show you some best practices and strategies for true integration.


All major instructional problems are solved with planning. I can join you or your team as you plan instruction. I may not be an expert in your content, but I am great at thinking of way to integrate technology. I can help you plan lessons that are engaging and help your students build 21st century skills.

Professional Group

I would love to be involved in as many professional learning communities (department, team, PLC/PLG, etc.) as I can possibly squeeze into my schedule. Common formative assessments, remediation, and analyzing data can all be improved with current technology.

Professional Learning

What do you want to learn about? I can teach you about Google Apps for Education, virtual and augmented reality, 3D designing, formative assessments, SAMR, Twitter, and anything else related to instructional technology you can think of.