Apple Software

From creating movies with Quicktime Player and iMovie to converting your documents to Google, here are some resources for how to do some of the most frequently asked for tasks within the Apple suite.

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How to add a bookmark to your dock

If you want to add a bookmark to your dock to make it easier to open a specific tool, this video will walk you through it in less than a minute.

Quicktime Player

I recommend using QuickTime Player for all of your video and audio recordings before bringing them into iMovie because it is so easy to use. And, if you don't need all the bells and whistles of iMovie, it's a great way to create videos quickly and easily with some basic editing tools.

If you currently have documents in Keynote, Numbers, or Pages, I highly recommend converting them into a Google file instead so that you can edit, share, and update them more easily. Here are tutorials on how to convert your files to a format that Google can easily convert:

Using Quicktime Player and iMovie

I visited the health class at the middle school to teach the students how to using Quicktime Player and iMovie to create a project in their class. There are a few project specific details that I mention, but it is still a worth sharing here because it is a quick and easy overview of how to use both tools. Click here to open the video in a new window if it does not load below.

Using Quicktime Player and iMovie.mp4