Google Expeditions & AR/VR

Google Expeditions is a great way to be introduced to virtual reality and its use in your classroom. Beyond Expeditions, I have been looking into other ways that we can leverage both AR & VR to increase engagement. Interested in other options or perhaps you are struggling to find a tour that fits your needs? Make an appointment with me or drop me an email and I would LOVE to work with you.

If you are interested in more resources about AR & VR, check out my Padlet!

Introduction to Google Expeditions

We are fortunate to have two Google Expeditions kits in MSAD #6; one for grades K-5 and another for grades 6-12. I act as the host for the 6-12 kit. We first experience Google Expeditions during the Spring of 2016 when Google brought it to BEMS during their pilot test and are very happy to have our own kit now. The two kits were funded through E-Rate funds during the 2017-18 school year.

How do you get to have Expeditions in your classroom?

  1. Take a look at the "List of Available Expeditions" to find an Expedition that aligns with your current topic/curriculum.

  2. Make an appointment with me to preview the Expedition, if you'd like to.

  3. Make an appointment with me for when you would like me to come to your classroom to set you up with the Expedition that you selected. Keep in mind that you can book me for as long as six hours, so ensure that you book me for long enough to complete the Expedition with as many classes as you need me for.

Want to preview a tour? Add the free app to your own mobile device!

What happens when I bring the Expedition to your classroom?

  1. I will wheel in the Google Expeditions kit into your classroom and get everything set up based on the number of students that are in your class.

  2. As the teacher, I will give you the teacher tablet with the Expedition you selected loaded onto your screen.

  3. Once you click "Play", the Expedition is then transmitted to the student devices so that they can enter the Expedition.

  4. The teachers device will give you a recommend script, hot points to take the students deeper into each panorama, and then (typically) three different questions of varying degrees of difficult to ask your students.

  5. If anyone has any technical problems, such as a low battery or lost connection, I will typically replace the device with another one from the kit. You are the instructor and I am there as technical support.

  6. At the end of the Expedition, I will take care of collecting and maintaining the devices and will pack up the Expeditions kit.