The Middle School has purchased a site license for Liveschool for the 2019-20 school year to help with PBIS.

I have an administrator's login for each clan in the school. If you need help with fixing logins or learning how to set up your site, please make an appointment with me for "Professional Learning" and I would be happy to help in any way I can.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I delete a student from our clan?

The clan leader has editing rights for your clan.

  1. Click on "Menu"
  2. Click on "Setup"
  3. Find the student in your list.
  4. Click the red "Delete" button next to the student you need to remove.

How do I add a student to our clan?

The clan leader has editing rights for your clan.

  1. Click on "Menu"
  2. Click on "Setup"
  3. Click on the "New" button towards the top right hand corner of the student list.
  4. Fill in the student's name, grade and gender.
  5. Click the yellow "Create Student" button.

What happens if we delete a teacher from our clan?

"If you remove a teacher, the points will stay in the student's bank account but you won't be able to run reports for that specific teacher any longer. It should be fine to remove them if needed."

It's prompting me to pay to add a teacher. What gives?

As a site licensed school, we should have unlimited teachers for each "school". If you get prompted to pay, please email me with your clan name and who needs to be added. I should be able to add them for you and, if not, I will escalate it with Liveschool to ensure you are all set. Keep in mind that if they are a teacher in more than one clan, you will need to use the work around in the following question.

How can I be a teacher in more than one Liveschool clan/school?

Liveschool only lets each email address be a teacher in one school at a time. Therefore, to work around that, add a +clanname before the @ symbol. For example, I might be ssimmons+stirling@bonnyeagle (.org) for one clan and then ssimmons+maccallum@bonnyeagle (.org) for another. Liveschool sees them as different accounts even though everything still goes to your regular email account.

How are Allied Arts using Liveschool?

Long story short... not really, as far as I know. Every clan has a "school" set up for their students and has control over the points, rewards, etc. That then makes it harder for AA teachers because they would need a separate login for EACH CLAN. And, since each clan has their own points structure, they would need to know what each student can get or lose points for, etc. I'll openly admit that seems overwhelming to me. However, the Liveschool folks gave one idea that the points given/lost could be reported back to the student's clan teachers and they could log them for the teacher IF THE CLAN WANTED TO DO THAT. The alternative is that AA could have their own "school" and set up their own point structure and have all of the students in it. I am happy to help in any way I can if there is a consensus about how it should be used with AA.