Tech Resource Guide 6-12

I have assembled the spreadsheet below, which is accessible with commenting access to all MSAD #6 users, to collect all of the technology integration resources that I can find for each standard and indicator in grades 6-12. The bank will be growing as I find more resources. If you have a specific topic and standard/indicator that you would like me to research next, just reach out to me and I would be more than happy to prioritize it for you. As you review the materials, feel free to add comments to the spreadsheet via the link above so that you can share your feedback with your coworkers and me.

The primary tab of the spreadsheet includes all of the resources that I have added thus far sorted by subject, standard, indicator, and then resource type. You can filter it to show just your subject by using the tabs at the top. Keep in mind that click command + f will pop up the search tool if you are looking for a specific indicator or topic.